Living Schoolyards as Stormwater Infrastructure

It was an honor to be a part of the conversation at the 'Living Schoolyards as Stormwater Infrastructure' workshop put on by SFPUC this month. Sharon Danks, BTD Principal, with Green Schoolyards America and SFPUC put on a workshop that brought representatives from the San Francisco Public Works, SFPUC, San Francisco Unified School District, Education Outside, Friends of the Urban Forest and other organizations to learn and discuss how to work with stormwater on schoolyards in ways that improve the environment for students.

Brigit Teichmann presented on the process and successes of her work with the city of Berlin holistically improving the schoolyards while implementing innovative stormwater infrastructure. It's refreshing to see people from so many sectors diving into this and to see inspiring examples of this work in place.

New nature play area at OUSD site!

May and June marked some major milestones for the Sausal Corner Nature Play Area. We had a great time building a willow fence with some of Sequoia Elementary's fifth graders. The fence not only brings an instant look but will help protect the immature plantings during their establishment. In June, the school's new garden instructor lead the entire student body in a dedication ceremony. It included instruction on proper stewardship and behavior in the space and an inspiring poem written by students. We are excited to watch the space continue to mature and change as the kids begin to explore, learn and play!