Summer Construction

Some of our projects have evolved from paper into construction this summer at BTD. We've been dreaming up how the spaces will work all winter and now they are becoming real places. It’s exciting to see these projects come together.

 Among the BTD projects are under construction this summer, one of the highlights has been two projects at schools in San Francisco. These projects will bring green spaces into the playgrounds that were formerly dominated by asphalt. Upon completion both projects will be open to the public as part of the planned expansion of the San Francisco Shared Schoolyard Project. School community volunteers and Friends of the Urban Forest will be adding planting to these spaces this fall. By next spring these playgrounds will be transformed into rich, textured spaces with more opportunities for play and ecological education.

YIMBY - Working to build housing for everyone

At BTD we are committed working on sustainable housing for everyone. One of the projects BTD is working on for Abode Services recently got mentioned on Forum (listen here) . In this capacity we see ourselves as part of the YIMBY movement here in the Bay Area (for more on YIMBY see this New York Times article)

Over the last year we've worked on projects to provide affordable housing, veteran's housing, and housing for people who are chronically without a home. These projects are located in Bay Area cities from San Jose to Oakland.