Sharon Danks is an environmental planner and founding principal of Bay Tree Design, inc.  Over the last fourteen years, her professional work and passion have focused on transforming school grounds into vibrant public spaces that reflect and enhance local ecology, nurture children as they learn and play, and engage the community.  An accomplished schoolyard researcher and an advocate of ecological design, Sharon has traveled the world to study hundreds of school grounds.  She applies this international experience to her work, and celebrates it in her recent book, Asphalt to Ecosystems: Design Ideas for Schoolyard Transformation (New Village Press, November 2010), which won a 2012 Honor Award from the American Society of Landscape Architects.  She is co-founder of the International Green Schoolyard Alliance, a global network of organizations and professionals working to enrich children’s play and learning on school grounds.  Danks has facilitated green schoolyard master-planning processes for more than two dozen schools and is a frequent speaker at conferences and other public events.


SFUSD, 2006 Bond Master Planning Strategist, San Francisco, CA

Starr King Elementary School, San Francisco, CA

Palm Beach Day Academy, Lower Campus, West Palm Beach, FL

Butler IPS/Lab School, Indianapolis, ID

Stanford Educational Farm, Palo Alto, CA

OUSD Central Commissary and Farm, Oakland, CA

Private Client - Edible Corporate Campus, Mountain View, CA