BAY TREE DESIGN. provides collaborative design and planning services to a wide range of clients on projects that root us to the land we inhabit. We strive for three-way sustainability: environmental, community, and economic. We support the renovation of our cultural construct for landscapes with healthy ecological processes, community reflection and beneficial children’s landscapes in our work. We seek to make the whole greater than the sum of the parts with each project we help nurture from concept to physical construct. 

From idea to implementation, construction, and settlement, we are committed to the best interests of our clients and our projects. 


is rooted in the local ecological processes, the genius loci, and the history of the site

      +      is based on thoughtful program development
      +      is grounded in constructive community engagement.
      =      An illumination of the landscape in a rich yet simple composition

In the initial stages of the design, site observation, program research, community participation, and creative interpretation serve as the impetus for the design concept.  When developing the design, we specify native and sustainable materials to sculpt flexible spaces, multi-use and interpretive elements, and engaging places.  It is our ambition and passion to design and build integral and sustainable public spaces and lasting places for all ages.


Our current and recent clients include:

Abode Services
Alameda Housing Authority
Berkeley Unified School District
The City of Oakland
EAH Housing
Mills College
Oakland Unified School District
The Presidio Trust
Portola Valley Unified School District
Stanford University
San Francisco Botanical Garden
San Francisco Unified School District
San Francisco Public Utilities Commission
Urban Tilth

As well as private schools and homeowners throughout the Bay Area.


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