Native California Interpretive Site

“California has been sculpted by prehistoric human hands…through the pattern and timing of harvests, as well as through the burning, pruning, weeding, and planting of places -- (California Natives) favored certain mixtures and frequencies of plan and animals species.” Kat Anderson, Before the Wilderness

Prior to forming BAY TREE DESIGN, Principal Lisa Howard collaborated with colleague, Patty Nalle for the Mendocino National Forest Service, developing a conceptual plan for a 19-acre environmental education facility interpretive garden.  The design was based on extensive research of the native plant communities of the Northern Great Valley ecosystem and the local indigenous tribes’ (Nomlaki, Patwin and Wintu) resource management of these lands. The site design capitalizes on the microclimates, surrounding natural resources and views of regional landmarks, in order to provide a rich palette of habitats and stages for seasonal activities. The site is intended for use by the public and school groups as an interpretive place that reflects the past while providing the local tribes needs for the present who would act as docents for programs on the site. 

Project Information

Client: Mendocino National Forest Service

Location: Redding, California

Size: 19 Acres