Sustainable Cemetery Conceptual Study

Cemeteries are the “coming together of these desperate states of life and death and nature and culture.  Cemeteries are the place that these kinds of meetings of the past and future come to fore.”  Keith Eggener, Cemeteries

The premise for this model is that the cemetery is economically sustainable because it is considered a place for the living as well as a respectful place for the dead.  This study looks at the cemetery as a reverent and spiritual community park-like space with annual events and daily offerings that encourages the community to adopt and use the space.  It also studies replacing lawn with low maintenance landscaping that is rooted in the ecological understanding of its region while capturing the public’s yearning for a bucolic and peaceful space to place their loved ones.  This cemetery is a place where the individual is most significantly visible and present. 

Project Information

Client: Private Cemetery Program and Maintenance Consultant

Location: Perris Valley, California