Urban Tilth North Richmond Farm

This flagship project was designed to embody Urban Tilth’s urban educational agricultural model as it aspires to serve the communities of North Richmond. This project is intended to be a site for dynamic and vibrant multi-use showpieces for agricultural production, education, history of agriculture, and entrepreneurship while also functioning as a welcoming social and working environment.

The schematic design was developed using a collaborative process working with Urban Tilth’s technical and community advisory committees alongside the design team. This resulted in a site design that provides for productive farm programs, profitable food service and retail outlet, community educational programs, community based learning and outreach programs and the home for the Urban Tilth offices.

To accommodate all of these goals the program for the site includes agricultural production and processing facilities, three retail destinations, Urban Tilth’s new teaching spaces, several field blocks, and several outdoor rooms for demonstration and hands-on gardening curriculum and community uses. 

Project Information

Client: Urban Tilth

Architect: Noll & Tam

Location: Richmond, California

Size: 3.5 acres