RYSE Commons
Existing Building Renovation and Campus Expansion

The RYSE Commons is an expansion of the existing center, a ten-year old non-profit run organization providing youth in Richmond, California, with a healing place and creativity-led foundation. This new Commons expands the program capabilities of this organization based on intensive input by the current youth and staff.  The proposed program: expands the dedicated visual and dramatic art facilities; provides a variety of teaching spaces; includes an innovation and business center; and creates a devoted counseling and peer-support space.

The indoor and outdoor programs are interlaced creating a 37,000 square foot campus with 19,000 square feet of exterior spaces for hangout spaces, a maker space, an edible garden, a sanctuary and healing garden, and free-play and learning spaces geared towards the needs of youth ages 11 to 24 years.  The spaces intentionally play with juxtapositions - between peaceful and vibrant, green and urban, open and enclosed. This creates a space that respects and acknowledges that our youth are diverse and agents of change in order to provide a welcoming space to all current and future RYSE members. 

Project Information

Client: RYSE Center

Location: Richmond, CA

Size: 0.85 Acres

Award: Fast Company 2019 World Changing Ideas Award - Spaces, Places and Cities category