Washington Elementary School Yard

Bay Tree Design was hired by the Washington Elementary School PTA in 2010 to facilitate a participatory community design process to revitalize their once vibrant schoolyard.  Our principals respected the previous work done by Robin Moore and the Washington community who created “The Environmental Yard” (WEY). The current designs keep the spirit and structure of the WEY while working with the current school community and facilities. 

The community plan, developed with the participation of the school’s principal, teachers, PTA members and students was completed in October 2010 and adopted as the official master plan for the school by the district.  The plan will guide the future development of the school’s play areas, outdoor classroom spaces, and gardening efforts with the goal of enriching the existing school with additional educational, recreational, and ecological features that will make it a more exciting, beautiful, interesting and comfortable environment for the students and adults.

Project Information

Client: Washington Elementary School PTA

Location: Berkeley, CA

Size: 2.2 Acres

Status: Built